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At this point, it would be cliche to say that LinkedIn is a “goldmine.” But let’s admit it, isn’t it one?

Students, employers, job seekers, businesses, professionals, you name it (a good number of them) have a LinkedIn profile, and they keep giving it credit for some of their successes.

Stories of professionals who got their big break via LinkedIn litter the internet and our workspaces. This could be you too, not just once, but time and again. Job opportunities on LinkedIn keep coming day and night.

The big question is are you ready to leverage its massive potential as a job seeker? Whether yes or no, there’s always something new to learn. Today, I let you in on more about how to use LinkedIn for job search.

Why LinkedIn?

Ever wondered what brings hundreds of millions of people to LinkedIn? Job opportunities, valuable connections, industry insights, internships, and research are just but a few of the reasons folks flood this platform. Here’s a brief look at some of the top reasons.


LinkedIn hands you the opportunity to create valuable networks and interact with people all over the world with just the click of a button. If you are searching for a job or want to grow your career to a whole new level, you are in the right place.

Employers Trust It

Most managers, recruiters, and departmental heads all prefer LinkedIn to search for prospective candidates. The Balance reports that the platform hosts over 1 million recruiters. Susan Graye, the Talent Acquisition Manager at Hewlett Packard (HP), continues to credit LinkedIn for helping her find the best employees. You could be satisfied with your current job, but just keep in mind that LinkedIn provides extra opportunities that could be life-changing.


LinkedIn aids in research. Lots of users here are eager to answer your questions and share information. Besides, you can use the site to look up more information about companies and this may help you in having more information, which would be beneficial come interview time and in writing applications.

Builds Your Reputation

How else would anyone anywhere be able to see your accomplishments? Your LinkedIn profile! That’s where they go. The features in your profile should show what you are willing to offer in the job market. Even better, LinkedIn has this feature that lets you get endorsements and recommendations from respected officials in your line of interest, making you more credible to those checking your profile.

It’s Informative, Educative, And Motivational

LinkedIn is a professional platform. What mostly takes place here is also professional, in one way or the other. You’ll run into various topics, highly educational and inspirational. Just five or so minutes of daily scrolling could land you highly important information that might help you maximize your profits, boost your knowledge of job vacancies, and establish networks.

How To Use Linkedin Effectively For Job Search

Linkedin For Job Search

A Jobvite Nation Survey report puts the percentage of recruiters using LinkedIn to find ideal candidates at 87%. Huge, right? Now, LinkedIn has its dos and don’ts, and I guess you want to do this right. So, here are the best ways to use LinkedIn for job search.

Make That Profile Lively

A decent profile picture is likely to get many people following you and viewing your pages. Post great content frequently to raise your popularity in the job market. Think hard about what you post though. Make sure it reflects well on you.

Get involved in groups as well and see to it that your profile exhibits those coveted skills that hirers and employers want to see.

Point Out Past Job Experiences

You will want to show your potential employer that you aren’t new to the job. Your work experiences are proof of that. Anyone willing to hire you will need previous records to substantiate the validity of your work ethic.

Your Headline Matters A Lot

When recruiters search for potential employees, they are likely to look at items such as your name, photo, and headline. An effective headline should be straight to the point and feature what you do or what you are looking for. For instance, “Innovative Global Talent Leader actively pursuing a new career.”

Stand out!

To hires and employers, LinkedIn is like a basket of oranges. You standing out means being the ripest one, such that they will easily see you and want to pick you up.

Be Alert And In The Know

Search for those companies, organizations, and employers you are interested in, and then follow them all. But don’t stop there. Stay up to date with the latest from their profiles. Gather as much as you can from their pages. Eventually, you will gain a lot of information that will come in handy in your job search, application, and even interviews.

Reach Out

LinkedIn now has an advanced search option that narrows your search only to companies and professionals you are interested in. Make great use of this feature. For a start, reach out to employees of these companies, particularly those who would be of help to you in your journey.

Also, look for fellow alumni, those who went to the same college or university as you. This is actually a great way to network since the common point of interest is that you studied in the same institution with them. Now, when reaching out, don’t forget to highlight common areas of interest.

Eventually, you will be able to come up with ways in which you can best utilize the opportunities at your disposal.

The Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers

LinkedIn Profile Tips

Here’s some advice you’ve probably heard a million times: Make a great first impression! Like it or not, this is true. Studies say recruiters don’t spend any longer than 6 seconds on your profile. They have expectations and if you don’t match up to them, you are quickly dismissed.

You want to be on the safer side, right? Here’s how:

Your Profile Picture

A profile picture creates a first impression. Without one, your profile will be sidelined because it’s anonymous and hirers don’t like that. Meanwhile, assess whether how you present yourself is an impression your potential boss would love.

Back To Headlines

After your name, this is what your potential boss will read next. Who are you? A headline should be about that professional side of you. LinkedIn offers you 120 characters to highlight your expertise. Inspire your potential hirer to check out the rest of your profile. 


This is what follows your headline. Dig a little bit deeper! Focus on your recent experiences and what you can do for your potential boss. LinkedIn offers 2,000 characters for your summary but that doesn’t mean you must exhaust the characters.

Remember, this is an era of short attention spans. Be brief and punchy. Let whoever is reading have a vivid picture of you as a professional.

Use Visuals And Images

Make your page interesting to visitors. LinkedIn lets you add background pictures and links to other media platforms such as YouTube. Basically, the more creative you are with your profile, the more appealing it becomes to your potential employers

Personalize Your URL

Another way to make your profile memorable is to give a short personalized URL. Get rid of those numbers and characters that don’t serve any useful purpose.

Other areas you’ll want to give an overhaul include your professional experience, education, recommendations. Ensure they are up to date and with the details a potential hirer would want to see.


Your LinkedIn page is in many ways like your personal brand. Reputation and impression are key to its survival and success. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the greatest platforms to invest in as a job seeker or business, given its massive potential to turn things around for the better. 

Let this be your foundation to a stellar LinkedIn profile that will bear you fruits and take your professional life to a whole new level.